Find The Right Realtor

When looking for the right realtor you want someone who knows the real estate market and can provide an informed local perspective on the current housing inventory and pricing. Our agents will provide you with a clear understanding of the sales process and ensure you are empowered and in control every step of the way.

Consider Factors Impacting The Sale

There are important factors to keep in mind when considering the sale of your home. In a consultation, your agent will explain how these elements affect the sales process in detail. The end result of your home sale will be determined by your urgency to sell, desired price, location, the condition of the property, the size of your home, architectural style, and more.

Accept Your Ideal Offer

Once your home is priced and presented effectively, your Steps Team will guide you through the offer and negotiation process. In negotiations, in addition to discussing the price offered, consider other terms such as closing date, financing options, items included in the sale and timelines. Your real estate agent will to guide you through any additional contingencies, negotiations and other key details relating to the process.

Finalize The Sales Process And Celebrate!

Once you and the buyer have agreed upon a resolution to any inspection findings, your role then is to prepare for closing. It is important during this final stage to remain in close contact with your Steps Agent to ensure last minute requests or adjustments are dealt with quickly and effectively to ensure a timely sale.

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